When I received an invite to practice yoga at a new holistic center in the city, I jumped on the opportunity. I’ve had to dial back on my runs and workouts due to, essentially, being a complete idiot in regards to proper recovery. What’s stretching again? Turns out, I was also being a complete idiot by not reading my emails properly.

Instead of focusing on the physical, this yoga session was all about the mental aspect of healing. Being held during Mental Illness Awareness Week earlier in the month, this focus was perfectly timed. The meditative practice was even complemented with sound therapy in the form of powerful crystal bowls.

What I didn’t realize I needed almost as much as a good stretch (and quite possibly a painful ice bath) was a chance to reflect on my state of mind. This session forced me to be more present than I have been in some time, something that wasn’t entirely comfortable.

Yet I also had the opportunity to speak with one of the co-founders of the newly opened Helix Healthcare Group. A breath of fresh air, Clinical Director Jesse Hanson spoke about bridging the gap between the spiritual and scientific approaches towards mental health. It was also interesting to hear about the customized programs the clinic offers to better address the individual’s needs.

With the opening of a second location in the Yonge-Eglinton area, the first being in Yorkville, it’s clear that Helix is doing something right.