Today, the idea of wellness and well-being has expanded over various disciplines and industries. People are becoming more concerned about their health thanks to the accessibility of information as well as the convenience of wearable technology. I’ve always been interested in health and fitness – especially the ways to incorporate it as organically into my life as possible.

Guerlain, a luxury beauty and skincare brand, offers more than products. It created one of the first spas in the world back in 1939 in Paris, France, and has since brought the experience around the world. I was able to enjoy a taste of its exclusive services as well as its latest skincare innovation: ORCHIDEE IMPERIALE Night Revitalizing Essence and The Mask.


Yet what I appreciated more than anything was the brief and enlightening presentation by wellness expert Judith Richie and the customized yoga session that followed. Instead of bombarding us with information about the serum and mask, Guerlain imparted a more holistic sense of what it represented: a product from a company that encouraged an overall healthy lifestyle.


I was also sent home with the ORCHIDEE IMPERIALE Mask. After using it for two weeks, I already see a difference. Created to revitalize the skin’s natural strength, tone and radiance, it boasts Gold Orchid Technology, soy protein and mango seed butter for an instant lifting effect.


Altogether, my experience with Guerlain was flawless. It also encouraged me to practice more yoga, which is a great complement to my running program.

Photos by Elaine Fancy Photography