A pedicure isn’t just a pedicure. The general public may think of it as a superficial luxury indulged in from time to time to improve the appearance of the feet and toenails, but a proper pedicure can do so much more. In fact, that’s why medical pedicures exist. While doctors and nurses execute this method to treat foot diseases, some salons adopt them to simply prevent the transmission of such infections as Athlete’s Foot.

That said, a medical pedicure is executed much differently than a cosmetic one. The biggest difference? It’s completely dry. I was able to try my first dry pedicure a couple days ago and will never go back again. Isa Sanyang of Cures Studio walked me through the benefits of this specific service and I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know about something I did so often.


First, did you know that water is actually counterintuitive to the pedicure process? It expands the skin over the nail plate, tricking pedicurists into sloughing away live cuticle instead of dead. Without the use of water, the whole process is much more delicate and, wait for it, tickle-free! Major bonus.

But the best thing about Cures Studio’s Signature Dry Pedicure is how your feet feel afterwards. Until you try it yourself, you won’t be able to appreciate my experience, but my feet have never been smoother. The combination of no water, hand-machines and Margaret Dabbs products results in exceptionally long-lasting results.


Founded by Ami Doan Tran, Cures Studio may focus on the treatment aspect behind each service, but the space itself is feminine, minimal and stylish — everything a girl could want from a spa experience. After the dry pedicure, I honestly can’t wait to try out more of their services.