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When it comes to the “one size fits all” approach, I’m skeptical. We’re all individuals, after all, with different tastes, style and overall preference. How can one thing appeal to so many different people? I still stick to this skepticism, but when I switched up my mattress to test out a brand that experiments with this model, I have to admit my experience was all positive.

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Casper is ushering in the modern mattress. Melding convenience and comfort into a single product (granted, the mattress is available in different sizes), it seems to have nailed down exactly what people both need and want. Instead of confusing their customers with too many options, there’s only one.



As written on its site, the mattress boasts “springy latex and high-density memory foams” that “contours to your body to relieve pressure while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature.” Well, does it?


Although a bit cushier than I’m used to, my Casper mattress still provides a good deal of support. And I’ve not only slept in it, but also sat up working in it — the life of a freelancer, what can I say!

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But my favorite feature had to be receiving it. I was lucky enough to have been in the lobby of my new home when UPS arrived with a box no bigger than a dorm-sized fridge. It was so easy to take up to my apartment and unboxing it was even more of a breeze. Once the airtight packaging was released, the mattress came alive and I think I may have squealed (yes, I’m that girl).

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Casper is also a dream aesthetically for an Instagrammer such as myself. From the branding to the look of the mattress, it’s a beauty to behold. I honestly want to get my hands on the sheets and pillow as well because from my first few days with the mattress, I do know that the products that come out of Casper are high quality. But until now I’ll enjoy my friendly cloud cushion :).

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