As a runner, I’ve naturally gravitated towards a certain brand of athletic wear. Visit my Instagram account and it’s obvious which one. But as an overall fitness junkie, I’ve been known to try out different lines. For me, it’s not only about performance and comfort, it’s about options and style. I might not be a “fashionista” by any means, but I do like to look good — hence all the working out.

Last month I challenged myself to a March Break (which I just realized I should recap!). I was feeling a bit lost and a lot burnt out. And then to make matters worse, I hurt my knee. So I started to really slow down, doing more yoga and joint-friendly workouts among other life changes.

Hashtag Best Fit Ever

When I was introduced to Hyba, specifically its “Best Fit Ever” tights, I was instantly intrigued. Activewear from Reitmans? I really didn’t know what to expect. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.

The fit really was amazing. The pattern dope. And when I put it through a sweaty spin class at Spokehaus, it held up better than I could have hoped for. But what I really liked about the specific pieces I got (and Hyba Activewear in general) is how cross generational they are. Versatility is key, especially since Reitmans itself appeals to a wide demographic of women.