Photos by Kailey DeRubeis

A tea drinker all my life, coffee wasn’t something I really thought about as a staple until just a couple of years ago when cute cafes like Pilot Coffee Roasters and its sister shop Te Aro started to pop up more and more around the city. Now I have a full-fledged love affair with lattes. But I’ve been determined lately to expand my caffeine experiences. With spring finally in the air, I decided “coffee alfresco” was a great place to start.



So I picked up the famous Aeropress Coffee Maker and a few other camping items from MEC along with a bag of quality Pilot coffee beans and trekked to the Scarborough Bluffs for a sunny Sunday afternoon with one of my oldest friends, Paulina.

Paulina and I met at my first full-time publishing job. We unfortunately (or fortunately) bonded over our mutual hatred of it, often escaping to the nearest coffee shop to lament over the (now hilarious) dramas of working there. Thankfully we both left unscarred, able to drink coffee peacefully in the great outdoors.



Paulina and I prepared everything on the beach, from grinding the beans to boiling the water and then “pressing” the coffee. Making fresh coffee without a kitchen was easier than I thought and I couldn’t have asked for better company.


Using the GSI Javamill



Using the SBIT Solid Fuel Stove & Cookset



And I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop. I grew up in Scarborough and was also astounded that such a place existed so close to the suburbs. A lot of Torontonians don’t realize that there are so many amazing pockets like this all around the city. A day trip to escape the hustle isn’t as tough as it might seem and a place like the bluffs feels like a true getaway.


Where is your favourite place to enjoy a cup of coffee?