Marshalls Activewear - Svava with weights copy

When Marshalls invited me out to channel my inner viking with Svava Sigbertsdottir, celebrity trainer, founder of The Viking Method and brand ambassador, I was 100% down. After all, I felt like this is what I’d been training for. I’m always interested in trying out new workouts and it was only a matter of time before I was lucky enough to train with someone of Svava’s caliber.

You definitely have to be cut from warrior cloth to be able to endure The Viking Method unscathed. It was an incredible class that had me questioning my own fitness level. Thankfully, I had enough juice left to ask Svava a few questions after the experience:


What’s your health and fitness background?

I have been exercising my whole life. Football, handball, resistance training, yoga, kickboxing, dancing. Love moving. Love all sports. I moved to London 12 years ago to study musical theatre. After I finished my degree, I realized I wanted to work more with people and do work that was pure fitness and health. I wanted to create something of mine as well. So I trained and studied; I qualified as a personal trainer, sport nutritionist, fitness manager and a yoga teacher.

How did The Viking Method come about?

Through everything that I had done, I had never found that one training genre that gave me everything that I thought it should. The power, the strength, the agility, the leanness, the great nutrition, the contentment and the inner wellbeing. I also wanted to create a method that is performance based – one that is all about you and what you do and not just about what you look like. Therefore I founded my Viking Method. I took the best from everything that I had studied, everything that I had read and researched along with the way that I had mastered my training and put it together. It’s one method that brings it all to you.


What is your biggest piece of advice when it comes to health and fitness?

First of all – know what you are doing. Have a plan. Do not just go to the gym/park and do whatever. Best thing, in the beginning especially, is to see a professional to get the technique down – squats, lunges, planks, press ups, core work. To get the best out of your training, you need to know how to do the exercises properly. Then get a plan. Whether it is with a PT, classes, online training programs and do the same with your nutrition. Plan. Also find a genre that you do enjoy. Don’t do anything that you really get no enjoyment out of. Another thing that is really important is to set goals. To do challenges. It gives you so much and keeps you progressing and into your training. Every month set a new goal, do a new challenge. Anything. And then high five yourself when you smash them.

How does workout gear fit into the equation, and why do you like stores like Marshalls?

Fitness gear is so fantastic now! So cool and fashionable. You of course need the right gear for whatever type of training that you are doing – functionally it has to be on point. Good supportive shoes, bras that properly hold you in, leggings that have a thick waist string so they don’t keep on falling down and not being see through ( these are my requirements ☺ ) After that it comes down to what you fancy and feel great in. I love stores like Marshalls because they have quality brands at a price that doesn’t break the bank, and also because they have everything! For any genre of training that you are doing you will find the best gear in all shapes and sizes. I am constantly in training clothes and love to coordinate my outfit, and like having loads to choose from! So Marshalls is definite one for me as I can get more for less. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go there!