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A lot of people workout to look good. In a day and age where life is made easier from contraption after contraption, honing your body to be able to perform optimally isn’t a priority for a lot of people. But making sure it looks good to maybe snag that cute boy you’ve been eyeing or hot girl you’ve been Tindering is.

Until I visited Kevin at Myodetox Performance — to better round out my experience with the crew — I never thought about the difference between training for aesthetics and training for function. It’s quite drastic too. Those who prefer lifting weights at a gym, back pressed against a hard surface or body in rigid control for other reasons, are in it for the looks. Those who head to bootcamps, however, are gaining a different edge.

Flipping tires, climbing ropes and doing more dynamic drills prepare the body for natural movements in the real world. Not to mention, if you work hard enough you’ll probably look just as good as that gym buff. What’s interesting to note is that with the popularity of obstacle course races over the last few years, these types of workouts are gaining more traction as well.

Speaking with Kevin, I realized the importance of strengthening my body in a practical way. Ever since adopting a healthier lifestyle for overall well-being rather than to lose weight, it’s incredible to see how my body has transformed. But now I’m wondering if I can take it to the next level!