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Photos by Mike Finnegan

Yes, that’s right. I’m a maniac. A Rugged Maniac, to be specific. After completing the 5k obstacle course just outside of Toronto this past weekend, I feel like I can take on the world.

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I jumped over fire, crawled under barbed wire and slid into icy cold water. I tested my balance, by perseverance and my courage. I bonded with friends and made new ones. It was just the experience I needed to get myself in high gear again.

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Representing MEC as an ambassador also made my day. I was able to share with the crowd what makes the company so special. Not only does it sell outdoor recreation gear and clothing, it also facilitates such adventures as Rugged Maniac — not to mention a slew of more everyday activities such as camping, hiking, sporting and more.

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As for the main event, I already have my eye set on next year. Who knows, I may find my way to Vancouver later this summer for its final course. How could you beat having mountains in the backdrop? Until then, I may have to challenge myself to take on MEC Toronto RACE FOUR this June 19th.

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