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Photos by Tyler Hayward

There might be something said about contentment — but if you’re not striving to be a better version of yourself every day, then can that contentment really last? That goes for just about anything, including the recently relaunched N+TC app. The original design was good while it lasted, but the more people used it, the more apparent it became that many things were lacking. It might’ve aimed to make people better, but it wasn’t getting better itself.

Well, that’s all changed now. The latest version is not only an improvement, it’s a new fitness bible that combines intuitive functions with a well-rounded active lifestyle. One of the standout updates of the N+TC app is the fact that people can seamlessly integrate other activities such as running, swimming, biking and more to better keep track of their progress.

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We got to test out a pretty necessary warmup and strength training session led by our very own Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath. Wearing the Nike Free TR 6, in what I’ve dubbed a mermaid colorway, she kicked our ass first on a foam roller and then through a challenging circuit that used heavy weights. By focusing on these two often neglected areas, it was a great way to see just how comprehensive the new app is.

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