Setting the stage for The Lit Squad‘s very first meeting was extremely important to me. Thanks to our partnership with Indigo, it was easy to add some finishing touches to my new place. Indigo might be Canada’s leading bookstore, yet many have come to know it fondly for its wide selection of home decor, office supplies and even electronics.

Carefully curated, these collections truly help people embrace their love of the written word as a lifestyle as opposed to a hobby or even a chore. I personally surrounded myself with inspirational typographic prints, artistic pillows and a cute Kate Spade speaker to encourage a welcoming space for reading and writing.

Having recently moved, I also needed some new dishware to host my fellow Lit members. I opted for standout serving platters and glassware for charcuterie and wine. After all, we needed to fuel ourselves right before talking about our first book, Shoe Dog.

Stay tuned for details on the food and wine graciously provided by Loblaws and Apothic Wines.