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My good friend Amy introduced me to benefits of dry brushing and I haven’t looked back since picking one up. I’ve always been very diligent about exfoliating and moisturizing — especially during and after my showers — and adding this extra step to my routine was honestly easier than I even expected.

Yet it wasn’t until I booked the Cocoon Body Scrub at Shangri-La TO Hotel’s Miraj Hammam Spa that I truly understood how beneficial it is both from a beauty perspective and a health one. As my esthetician scrubbed me down from head to toe, she explained how dry brushing not only exfoliates dead skin cells — thus improving skin texture and cell renewal — it also:

– Diminishes appearance of cellulite

– Stimulates normal lymph flow to help the body detoxify itself naturally

– Increases circulation and energy

Although the dry brushing portion happened to be much rougher than how I handle it myself (no surprise there!), capping it off with Caudalie’s Vine Body Butter, which is massaged in and wrapped to cocoon the skin with hydration, makes up for any mild discomfort experienced. Oh, and did I mention you get to enjoy a 10 minute scalp massaged while cozily cocooned?