Just over a week ago, I paid a much-needed trip to Toni&Guy in Yorkville.

The journey to repairing all the damage I’d done to my hair over the last year has been slow, yet these past few weeks have seen vast improvements. One of the key things I’ve managed to commit to was regular maintenance, which included more frequent trims and moisturizing treatments.

I received both this time around. And I’m thrilled to announce that all of my frizzy ends are officially gone! I can finally start the next leg of my hair saga and grow it back to its original long length. I have a couple not-so-secret weapons up my sleeve to help make it a smoother ride — quite literally, I might add.

The first is Boha Shea by Saryna Key. Great for all hair types, it’s produced by refining the top layer of Shea butter. It’s chock full of natural keratin, amino acids and proteins to provide intensive treatment, which nurture and rehabilitates the hair from roots to ends.

The second is a more regular treatment. I ended up purchasing Serious Conditioner from S Factor, an intense weekly conditioner recommended by hair expert at TONI&GUY Yorkville, Ryan Bones. Not only does it help transition hair through late summer into fall, it also helps prevent fading when transitioning into darker tones, which is exactly what I did. I decided to trade in my balayage locks for my staple brunette earlier than anticipated.

Overall, I walked away from my visit last week with more than a fresh cut and shiny tresses.