Photos by Jess Baumung.

Let’s not kid ourselves, joining a book club is as much about the experience as it is discussing books. Without good food and delicious drinks, a person might as well be back in school. I wasn’t going to tolerate any dropouts on my watch, so I knew the first Lit Squad meeting had to be perfect.

Yet hosting was easy. Armed with some beautiful decor from Indigo‘s Fall 2016 collection, I immediately knew I would serve a healthy charcuterie board complimented by a ton of fruits and vegetables. I picked everything up from Loblaws, including these standouts: San Daniele’s prosciutto, Boursin’s cranberry and pepper soft cheese, Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn and seasonal cherries.




We washed everything down with a pretty decent sangria, if I do say so myself, featuring a base of Apothic Red Wine. So it wasn’t long before we cracked open an Apothic White. At this point, the conversation really began to flow.


It’s safe to say the first Lit Squad meeting was a success. If you weren’t able to follow along as we live-Tweeted and Snapchatted away, the video will be out soon — stay tuned! Until then, visit The Lit Squad on Indigo’s Reco app for a list inspired by Shoe Dog and so much more.