It’s been a few months now, and I’m hooked on eyelash extensions. It’s not only made my morning routine so much easier, it’s boosted my confidence in unexpected ways. I’ve always been conscientious of my straight Asian lashes and now I’m able to enjoy thick, luscious ones without a second thought.

When Winks Eyelash Boutique opened up a second shop on Queen West, I had to go check them out. I love my go-to esthetician, but sometimes trekking out to the Junction to pay her a visit is a bit of a hassle. Biking eight quick minutes from my home to this location was refreshing.

The service itself was very quick as well. I was getting a refill, which cut the time down significantly, but I also noticed that the woman doing my lashes was working as efficiently as she could. At first I was worried that meant they wouldn’t last as long, but two weeks later and my lashes are still very much intact.

Although a tad bit pricier than where I usually go, the convenience makes up for it. I love having options, especially when I might find myself in a crunch one day soon and will need to get extensions last minute. The verdict? Winks definitely offers a quality service. It’s no wonder it opened up a second location.