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I moved recently and although the circumstances of my move wasn’t the most pleasant, I love my new place. It’s a beautiful two-storey loft that I still can’t believe I managed to snag. On top of that, I managed to furnish it quite quickly thanks to my Craigslist savviness. But what I severely lacked were quality cleaning products.

I can’t tell you how dusty and dirty such an airy place can get — especially with its pinewood flooring that doesn’t hide a thing. So when I managed to get my hands on a Dyson, I don’t think I stopped vacuuming for the first two weeks straight. I’m not exaggerating. Anyone who owns a Dyson will probably nod their head in complete understanding.

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I opted for the Dyson DC66 Upright Animal. Compact enough for my loft but large enough if I ever decided to move into a larger home, it comes with a ton of bells and whistles that make talking about the innovative ball technology it’s so well-known for unnecessary.

These are my top favorite features of the DC66 Animal:

1. EMPTYING THE TRASH. Chasing all those dust bunnies might be all fun and games, but the need to empty the trash is an unfortunate consequence. Not so with this Dyson. A push of a button over a strategically placed garbage bag and voila! out goes the bottom and with it the trash. Easy peasy.

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2. ACCESSORIES. I can vacuum just about any surface in my home thanks to the army of accessories this model comes with. Made for homes with pets, it boasts a tangle-free Turbine tool that I personally love using on objects like my couch. And although the typical hose is perfect for corners, this one has a built-in brush that makes it great for dusting, for instance, picture frames.

3. SLEEK AND CHIC. Of course, any product that looks great gets a ton of bonus points in my books. I can accidentally leave my Dyson out and not feel like it’s ruining the aesthetic of my home in any way. This is nothing short of magic since I don’t have much space to spare in the first place.

Overall, it’s hard to compete against the beloved Dyson brand. Easy to use, beautiful to boot and powerful, it’s a lifetime investment that keeps on giving.