Photos by Lauren McPhillips

I’m the child of divorce, as so many of us are. I recently realized why this fact is crucial to my experience (or lack thereof) of camps. I’ve been camping, I’ve been to the cottage — almost every year of my childhood and early teens — but I’ve never been to camp. Except for recently.


After a weekend away with Two Islands at Camp Timberlane, I learned that my parents never felt to need to send my brother or I away because they had each other. For a month out of the summer, I’d be either solely with my mom or solely with my dad. They always had a break from us. I never felt bitter about that until now.


It was only until I became older that my parents’ separation became an issue — special occasions were a headache when I had my ex-husband’s family to also consider. Now I find I missed out even as a child. Learning key social lessons, fun crafts and even more important survival skills are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to being shipped off to a camp for kids.


Of course, there are many reasons I’m thankful for being introduced to such experiences as an adult. Namely, the carefree attitude of everyone involved and, let’s be honest, the alcohol. Otherwise, I was told, everything was eerily similar. From the bunks and shared showers to the talent show and childike activities, Two Islands let me enjoy an experience I never would’ve had if it weren’t for this program.


Another huge benefit? The food. There was no sub-par meals here. Instead, we were treated to healthy options prepared by chefs from southern Ontario.


Overall, we were able to indulge our inner child without sacrificing our achieved adulthood. Two Islands is a unique getaway for those looking to break away from their routine without jetting off to a tropical resort. Fun