I can still hear my nana’s voice in my mind, urging me to drink my milk so I can have strong bones until I’m wrinkled and grey. Well, I’m in my 30s now and still have yet to appreciate what a glass of milk can do for me.  I’ve always been under the impression that there are so many other ways to get my calcium, yet osteoporosis is caused by a multitude of issues including lack of vitamin D, excess alcohol intake, lack of exercise and more.

I might be healthier than the average Joe, but I’m not that healthy — especially lately. I don’t track what I’m eating to ensure I have a balanced diet and I haven’t been working out as much as I’d like to. When I was introduced to Pascoe and its Basentabs, I was instantly intrigued. Tablets created to regulate the body’s acid-base balance, which also correlates to the development and maintenance of bones? Yes please.

Of course, a good foundation is needed. Just drum up your mom’s voice in your mind, “Eat your fruits and vegetables, honey.” And don’t forget to eliminate all that stress and toxins surrounding you on a daily basis. Always easier said than done. That’s why the Pascoe Basentabs can make a huge difference. It’s meant to step in and fill the holes life tends to spread around generously.

I’ll be trying them out over the next three months. Thank goodness it’s free of sugar, gluten and lactose since I’ll be taking about four of them twice a day. I’m pretty sure I’ll start to feel Herculean strong in a short bit, don’t you think?