The older I get, the more I realize life is as hard as we make it to be. More often than not, the negative side of a situation is all in the mind. It’s how we interpret things — words and actions, people and places — that can cause an upset in the balance of other things.

Balance. A simple word made of two syllables that come together to represent a state of existence so many of us try to achieve but fail miserably at. I believe it’s only until a person can learn the true meaning of sacrifice that balance can be found. Balance isn’t something readily available to the selfish. Yet sometimes we need to be selfish on our journey to find balance.

Am I getting a little too philosophical for you guys? Then let’s switch gears for a second.

Yes, there’s a sense of being balanced, but there are also routines. Build enough of those routines — or habits — and perhaps we can arrive at that mecca we’re all trying to wander towards in some form or fashion.

For me, those habits include, but are not limited to, quality time with loved ones, eating healthy, exercising regularly and setting aside time to work on passion projects. On the flip side, there’s the need for discipline to do all the dirty work that puts food on the table and a roof over our heads. Once money becomes involved, doing certain things purely for a sense of fulfillment becomes a bit of a fantasy.


Yet there are some ways in which balance can be achieved easily. When it comes to my health, for example, I find a balanced diet is something of a myth. I realistically will never eat or drink all of the vitamins and nutrients I require in a day to truly be on top of my game. That’s why something like Pascoe‘s Basentabs are so crucial. It’s an antacid containing alkaline salts made to balance ph. And just like that, we come full circle.

It’s been almost a month since I started using the product and I’ve already experienced a difference. It’s an overall sense of well-being that is now trickling into other areas of my newly revived healthy mindset. Sometimes all it takes is a simple catalyst to make a change in our lives. Pascoe Basentabs is one of those catalysts for me. I’m feeling stronger and more balanced every day.

What are some ways in which you find balance?