I haven’t been hiding it, although I wish I’ve been able to be a bit more stoic haha, but it’s clear I’m going through one of the toughest years of my life. The stress my separation has been causing me on a daily basis has wreaked havoc on my body in expected and unexpected ways over the last few months.

Yet using Pascoe Canada’s Basentabs these past three have been a boon. With my erratic eating habits and poor drinking choices, I’d been feeling constantly bloated, perpetually tired and — overall — unhealthy. With its high alkalinizing capacity, I truly believe I’ve felt a huge improvement since I haven’t really changed much else (YET!) about my diet and exercise.

What changes have happened? For one, I’m digesting my food better. Second, I’m sleeping so much better. Thirdly, I feel healthier. Finding a pattern? It’s no surprise that I’m looking forward to continuing using these Basentabs. It doesn’t hurt that the older I get the more I’m thinking about the fragility of my body — which these easy-to-take pills also address.


That being said, I’d recommend this product to just about anyone — especially women. Anyone concerned with osteoporosis should definitely consider introducing them into their daily routine. But on a more personal level, I have a friend who suffers from a severely acidic stomach. I’ve already given her a pack with the confidence it’ll make a difference.

But more than anything, Pascoe’s #Basentabs is helping me find balance. Sometimes it takes a small habit to really inspire bigger habits. The fact that I feel better on three major levels has encouraged me to take on other challenges such as running regularly again, eating healthier and even stepping out into the world with a smile on my face more often.