I’ve been talking a lot about balance recently — and the lack thereof in my life — and just a little while ago I spoke about doshas. What I realized (thanks to Tetley!) is that the two are closely related. At least for those who believe in one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems: Ayurveda. Meaning the “science of life” in Sanskrit, it originates in the Vedic culture of India and believes that to achieve good health, your mind, body and spirit need to be in harmony with the universe.

But how, exactly?

As I explained before, there are three types of doshas — Vata, Pitta and Kapha — that come together in varying degrees in each person at birth. What I might not have explained, however, is that each dosha represents two of the five basic elements found in the universe.

Space + Air = Vata
Fire + Water = Pitta
Water + Earth = Kapha

Although born with the perfect balance of each (in one’s own unique mix), such external and internal factors as seasons, age and relationships can upset that equation. It’s no wonder I’m all out of whack. 32 years old and going through a separation with a husband I still love very much can do that to a girl.

And the worst part about it is that I’ve been trying to get back to my healthy self, but it’s not working. Yes, there’s a big mental road block, but perhaps I have to look at my symptoms to address the root of the problem. I believe part of the answer lies in the ritual of tea drinking. After all, it’s hard to deny the therapeutic benefits of relaxing and rejuvenating with a hot cup of tea — especially of the herbal variety.


With all this in mind, Tetley Tea has created three new blends to make up its Ayurvedic Balance collection. The first is Poise-Vata. This tea is exactly what I need. Featuring tulsi a.k.a. holy basil, an ingredient revered by Hindu tradition, it is meant to help curb scattered and worried feelings resulting from a lack of activity, creativity and communication. Second up for me would be Vigour-Kapha, which uses ginger and mint to lift spirits when feeling particularly sluggish. Last is the Cool-Pitta Tea. This minty blend calms overheated personalities that are usually sharp-witted, courageous and outspoken.

Working with Ayurvedic experts, Tetley lovingly crafted these blends to address the need for balance during all stages of our lives. Not only do they reflect the three Ayurvedic doshas, each tea contains specific natural ingredients to help you restore balance depending on your needs.

Although I’m ranking them on how I feel, you can take Tetley’s Dosha Quiz to learn more about your dosha and how you can find balance in your life. You can even win tickets to TEA Talks, an exclusive event in Toronto on Saturday, January 14, 2017! Presented by Tetley, TEA Talks is a series of engaging workshops and discussions with leading Ayurvedic experts, including Yogi Cameron – a celebrity yoga and Ayurvedic guru. I’ll be giving away five pairs of tickets in December, and will be attending too! Stay tuned for more details.

I’m usually a black tea kind of girl, but I’ll definitely be incorporating Tetley Ayurvedic Balance teas into my daily routine to help find the balance that’s been eluding me these last few months.