One thing I don’t talk about often is my love of movies. All movies. I love everything from sci-fi and adventure to romance and comedy. Last week I got to train like one of my all time favorite characters: Jason Bourne.




I believe this film franchise revolutionized the classic action thriller genre. With a fighting style that not only looked authentic, but cleverly utilized the environment Bourne was in each time, it took the idea of MacGyver to the next level. And I got a crash course in it. Thankfully, being familiar with the movies, especially the latest one, Jason Bourne, prepared me. I at least knew there was going to be a lot of close encounters.




Wil McLean, owner of Pursuit OCR, took me through some basic mixed martial arts movements before we went on to create a whole fight sequence. Yes, I channeled my inner Jason Bourne and pretended to thwart a bad guy in a bus shelter. It was hilarious.




It was incredible. In a very short period of time, I moved like Jason Bourne would move. This added knowledge helped me appreciate the fight scenes in the movie even more. The fluidity of the moves are very much like a dance. I found myself analyzing these scenes more than ever. Available in 4K and Blu-Ray and DVD special features, I got to delve in pretty deeply.




Aside from the action, however, I really like the plot of the film overall. With Black Mirror on so many of our minds, it’s only natural modern society is curious to see how technology and social media specifically will play out in the future. Will it work with us? Or will it work against us. Matt Damon is, of course, a huge hottie in the film too. So if you’re looking for another reason to pick it up, that’s high up on my list!



The DVD of Jason Bourne is out on December 6th! So you can see for yourself how much Matt Damon kicks but in this recurring role and how the CIA means to use social media to its advantage.