Photo by Javin Lau

I love photography, but I’m not a photographer. I can take a decent shot with my iPhone, which has served me very well in my chosen career, but I’ve always wanted to take my photo skills to the next level. I’ve even tried in the past, but nothing stuck.

When I heard about the new Nikon D3400 D-SLR, I was excited to try it out. Why? Aside from the technical details, all of which you can find on more tech-savvy blogs such as CNET, here are my top reasons for picking one up over other models.



The D3400 is made for the first-time D-SLR user. Delivering quality images quickly without the need to understand the technical side too much, this entry-level camera will instil confidence in a budding photographer instead of overwhelming them.


The fact that iPhones and Point-and-Shoots are continually improving in quality makes the need or desire for a more professional camera non-existent for many casual shooters. After all, who’d want to lug around a big, heavy piece of technology if you can have something that fits neatly in your pocket?

But that’s what sets the D3400 apart. A D-SLR will never fit in a pocket (at least, not any time soon), but those looking for more range in their photography will appreciate how light and slim it is. Of course, it depends on what lens I put on it, but for the most part whenever I use it I’m not rubbing my neck in regret!



It’s the age of selfies and this feature makes it even easier to take a sharp one. For me, because I’m shooting all the time for my blog posts and Instagram page, sometimes I don’t have help taking a photo I want to be in. With the help of a tripod and this flippable screen, I can take shots that look so fleeky I might as well have had an entire team.


I don’t think we can deny it, one of the reasons casual and amateur photographers tend to opt against purchasing a D-SLR is the price. But this model truly rivals the price of other affordable options. Starting at just over $500, it’s hard to imagine getting a better deal for something that offers the quality images it does in the way it does.

Overall, it’s hard not to want to give this camera a spin. Perhaps it’ll even make the perfect Christmas gift — for yourself or that loved one who’s been wanting to delve deeper into photography!