It might only be three days into the new year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people have already given up on their resolutions.

My fellow Lit member, Lauren of This Renegade Love, talks about the dilemma of resolution-making and the only one she’ll be making for 2017 — which I’ve already committed to myself. The fact that there’s a designated self-improvement window may seem dismal, but the psychological element of starting a new year fresh is usually too hard to pass up.

So it’s only appropriate that our next Lit pick is Bill Burnett and Dave Evans’ “Designing Your Life.” A modern bible on “how to build a well-lived, joyful life,” it uses the principles of design to navigate towards what you truly desire. After all, the purpose of design is to solve problems. What bigger problem is there than your lot in life?

Although I’ve only read the preface so far, I’m already drawn to the belief put forth that change can come at any age. It’s a hopeful perspective that I’m sure will resonate with everyone. Society may create boxes, but we as humans have the ability to step out at any given moment. We just need the proper tools to do so. I’m positive that after reading this book, I’ll realize I already have all the tools I need.

Come read along! And join us on Monday, February 6, as we discuss our views on “Designing Your Life.” Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come!