I have a friend — well, I have many friends — but THIS friend is a goddess. Ok, all my girlfriends are goddesses in their own right, but this one just threw up a big fat middle finger at the traditional institution of marriage and said, screw it, I’m buying myself a ring. So now she’s on a pedestal that should be paraded around Single Town until the end of time.

Long story short, I’m inspired.

I’ve always had my issues with the idea of marriage and those relationship rituals we almost mindlessly embrace throughout our lives — Valentine’s Day being one. But up until recently, I’d been in an incredible partnership with the man of every woman’s dreams…for 12 years. So I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to learning to be on my own and even enjoying it.

This friend is enjoying it. She’s a successful business owner with the most beautiful spirit. She also recently split with her partner, but instead of wallowing, she’s celebrating. Long story short, I’m inspired.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m looking to treat myself to a couple pieces of quality, timeless jewelry. I gave up an important one last year and I think it’s about time I replace it with a few others symbolizing self-love. That’s where PANDORA Jewellery comes in.

I’ve always been a fan of the family-run Danish brand, but it wasn’t until I was styled in staple and seasonal designs for ELLE Canada’s fall issue that I truly fell in love with its jewelry. At once luxe and attainable, these pieces are exactly what a girl (or boy) can guiltlessly splurge on.


Here are my personal favourites for the upcoming romantic occasion:

The Sparkling Bow bracelet and ring: A playful twist on a classic diamond-studded duo, these sterling silver pieces are fun and feminine with an elegant air.


The Sparkling Heart bracelet with Pavé Open My Heart charms: Nothing says love like a heart-shaped anything and this sterling silver bracelet has three (at least the way I’ve styled it). Two of which are encrusted with pink cubic zirconia stones. This pink touch makes the design slightly edgier and, some may argue, even more “charming.”


Pavé Drop earrings: I’m pretty sure these reversible sterling silver stud earrings will be my new staple. At once simple and bold with its two different sized spheres encrusted with cubic zirconia stones, they are the perfect everyday design — especially for me.


I might be treating myself to a PANDORA Jewellery-filled Valentine’s, but the collection is clearly great for any relationship.