Continuing the “feeling myself” theme I have going for Valentine’s Day this year, I’ve decided that if I can’t feel sexy for myself, then how the hell am I supposed to feel sexy for anyone else? The other reality is that I don’t have anyone else to feel sexy for this year, so I’m embracing the self-love angle as much out of necessity as I am out of choice.


That aside, I turned to Azura Bay for much needed confidence boost. Just like the act of getting dressed in the morning even though I work from home, putting on some beautiful pieces of lingerie for myself gives me to opportunity to appreciate my body in a different way. Sometimes you get to trick the mind in fun ways to feel good.


This year, I picked out a stunning white lace romper and matching white Cosabella lace set. If I had deeper pockets, I would’ve splurged on this incredible lace bodysuit and pajama set as well.


But you’re in luck! I’ve got a discount code to share that’ll save you some hard-earned cash even as you treat yourself (and hopefully a partner!) to some gorgeous lingerie pieces. Simply use “MYY15″ for 15% off of regular priced items, which includes the new collection. Happy early Valentine’s Day, lovers.