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No matter how healthy I’ve been this year, my body hasn’t been cooperating. Case in point, after some fairly intense fatigue even once overhauling my diet and implementing a diverse workout schedule as well as dialling back on work hours, I came down with perhaps the worst cold I’ve had in a couple years.

It’s been a rollercoaster of health challenges for me — granted, in only the luckiest possible scenarios since I am grateful for the health I do have. So it was only with intrigue and excitement that I decided to check out Whole Life Balance, specifically their IV vitamin drips.

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For those with an ear to the ground on all things celebrity, you probably know how much Madonna swears by regular B12 injections and similar medical practices. If anything proves the validity of her holistic beliefs, it would be how amazing she looks at 58. I decided it couldn’t hurt to get some of the essentials pumped directly into my veins. This is what I learned about the process:

It’s expensive

But worth trying at least once. Although you might not experience the full benefit of a vitamin IV drip the first time, the idea behind it is intriguing and it expedites the process of absorbing healing vitamins in a potent dose. Perhaps try it when feeling a little under the weather to see just how quickly it can make a difference

It’s inspired by old practices

Although vitamin IV drips are 100% a health fad right now, there’s a long history to the practice. More commonly known as Myers’ Cocktail, named after the Baltimore physician John Myers, this solution was created in the 60s to treat a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. The basic ingredients were Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium and B vitamins, which remain the same in drip therapy.

It’s not an end-all be-all solution

Of course, people’s general lifestyle will affect how they take to vitamin IV drips. Being active and eating well will ensure people reap the most benefits from this healthy indulgence.

Everyone reacts to it differently

The key thing to remember that since everyone is different, each experience is different. I went with a friend for my first IV drip and while I took to it quickly, her small veins added almost 30 minutes and made it more painful. In terms of how people feel afterwards, that varies as well. Yet overall, the benefits of receiving vitamins in this way is worth trying it at least once.

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