Photo by Lily & Lilac

I’m honoured to be featured alongside 18 incredible Canadian women in The Kit‘s most recent issue celebrating “Women Who Do” with PANDORA Jewelry. Truthfully, a part of me doesn’t believe I belong in it. From an author to a neurosurgeon and an artist, their accomplishments and accolades definitely dwarf my own. Yet if anything I’m doing allows me to rub shoulders with this female force, I must be heading in the right direction. A direction that PANDORA Jewellery is helping to foster.

Partnering with The Kit to shine a light on the inspiring work women in Canada are doing, PANDORA Jewellery’s DO campaign is all about empowerment. It focuses on authenticity in an effort to better ourselves and others. Not to mention the brand made each of us sparkle a little brighter with key pieces from its Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

Stephen Fairchild, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, comments on how this collection is “bright, versatile and strong: like women. Each piece stands for something positive that women can admire and believe in, in terms of roots, actions and aesthetics. What they choose says something about them.” I love how Annette Oppong-Boateng, PANDORA Jewellery Canada’s Stylist, managed to pick out designs that suited our individual tastes perfectly. For me, it was a lot of mixing and matching, which embraced my Gemini personality to a tee. Here were her picks, as seen in the above photo:

Droplets Stackable Ring: This stunning 14ct gold ring studded with cubic zirconia is a piece I would naturally gravitate towards. I’ve always loved gold since raiding my grandmother’s jewellery box. I also wore the silver model.

Forever Love: Self love is something I’m striving towards every day and this silver heart ring captures the commitment beautifully.

Twist of Fate: It’s as though Annette knew the twists and turns my life has been taken when picking out this braided pave silver ring with cubic zirconia. I think it’s important to learn from the tough times as much as it is to celebrate the good.

PANDORA Signature Pendant: Hanging from a silver chain, this silver pendent is stunningly encrusted with cubic zirconia.

Interlinked Circles: These two-tone earrings in sterling silver and 14K gold speak to my love of both the classic and contemporary.

Sterling Silver Bangles: I was artfully stacked with PANDORA Jewellery bangles, two of which Annette creatively combined together to form an interlocked look. Of course, I fell in love with the one finished with a  Gold Clasp. But it was the charms that truly caught my eye. As Fairchild mentioned, they truly capture women’s passions. I was decked out in the PANDORA Signature Heart, Shining Elegance in gold and silver,  and Interlinked Circles.

As for my personal favorites:


Flowers by Tonic Blooms

Hearts Stud Earrings: I’ve been trying to embrace all the love in my life these days from reconnecting with old friends to creating social platforms that foster connections and communities. These silver hearts represent those efforts for me.


Sterling Silver Bangle: I took Annette’s love of this bangle and simplified it a bit to include two Radiant Droplets in Pink and Clear. It’s sophisticated yet playful and full of, well, radiance!


Hearts of PANDORA and Radiant Hearts of PANDORA: This whole line is a stunning interpretation of Spring colors and the promise of fresh starts. I was particularly drawn to the white models for their “clean slate” appeal.


PANDORA Floating Locket: Filled with June Petites (my birth month), this locket is a great reminder of my individuality. The silver details and grey moonstone also complements just about any look, so I can wear it every day.

The Kit’s Women Who Do issue isn’t the only project launching today. PANDORA Jewellery’s DO TALKS is also on the docket. With a female empowerment panel featuring Jessica Mulroney, Janette Ewen and Tracey Moore, DO TALKS aims to encourage “women to take action and be true to who they are and what they want to do.” All proceeds from the event go to Dress for Success.