Believe it or not, but I’m super low maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine — considering my job, that is. I’m not saying my bathroom isn’t brimming with product. I’m just saying that I don’t use half of it. Not because I don’t want to, but because I want to use everything to the last drop. That said, there are some things I never gave an honest try until recently. One being dry shampoo.


For someone as active as I am (bless the fitness blogger gods), you’d think I’d try to save my hair by not washing it as much as I do. Yet up until now, I’d never found a dry shampoo I could stand leaving in my hair for prolonged periods. I hated the feeling, the weight and even the look. Yet so many of my best girlfriends raved about the benefits of dry shampoo. And then my attention was brought to Cake Beauty.

Right off the bat I was instantly taken with the brand design. From there, the quality of the products sealed the deal. Of course, I have my favorites:



The first thing that stands out about this volumizing dry shampoo spray is the incredible sent. I think I understand why the brand is called “cake.” Its like dessert for your locks. Beyond that, of course, is the true purpose of the dry shampoo. It immediately soaks up the oil without leaving a residue.


I’ve always wanted wavy hair and this texturizing beach spray grants that wish in as delicious a way as THE DO GOODER. Although I’m waiting for summer to really put it to use, I’m impressed with the fact that it forgoes the use of salts for sugar in order to avoid the typical day-of stickiness, day-after dryness and future damage.

Overall, Cake Beauty uses natural ingredients and, wait for it, came to life in Canada by Ontario native Heather Reier. So it really is hard not to love it.