Orange fruits offer heaps of nutrients called carotenoids, which repair the cell damage that happens during workouts. Florida Orange Juice, specifically (but obviously not exclusively), is also a good source of potassium, which is important for muscle function, nerve transmission and helps maintain the body’s fluid, electrolyte and pH balance. So I was excited to create a delicious post-workout smoothie recipe using this key ingredient. After all, the unique taste of Florida OJ is often imitated but never duplicated.



¼ c Florida Orange Juice
2 Florida oranges, peeled
2 c spinach
1 c frozen mango
½ c baby carrots
½ c coconut water
½ c plain yogurt

BLEND all ingredients until smooth.


Simple yet full of good-for-you ingredients, you’ll note there’s no added sugar — in the recipe or in Florida Orange Juice. The delicious taste is all thanks to Mother Nature. For more information about Florida OJ, visit its site and/or Facebook page.