There are two overriding reasons as to why I wanted to cover the newest Rexall location in the city: My Alma mater is UofT and, like so many other Torontonians, I’m passionate about the preservation of what little history this city has. By all measures, it’s a young city. Yet we do have some beautiful buildings still standing from the 1800s.


As we continue to grow, many of those buildings are being demolished in favor of modern designs. If these modern designs were actually benefitting the infrastructure and appeal of Toronto, then by all means, full steam ahead. That’s not the case in many instances, however. The CBC-produced short doc, The Condo Game, sheds some light on the dangers of racing ahead with no regard of the icebergs lay in wait. And you know what they say about icebergs…



So when I learned that Rexall was swooping in to takeover one of the most iconic buildings of city, I was more than pleasantly surprised that the company was set on preserving its history. And they did it so wonderfully.