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In my line of work, my hours are sporadic, I can (if I choose to) go to an event morning, noon and night, and travel can be arranged at a moment’s notice. It’s at once exhilarating and exhausting, but add a puppy into the mix and it can quickly become irresponsible depending on the situation. Last week, I picked up Curry from our first boarding experience after being whisked away to Marseille, France, by Air Transat for five days. I’m pretty sure she would’ve stayed another five days if she had it her way, that’s how much she enjoyed it.

Curry made new friends instantly and took to the daily routine like a champ.

Soulmutts Toronto might as well be marketed as a summer camp for dogs. A cozy home in Riverdale, it’s been converted to be as dog-friendly as possible complete with a hay-filled backyard that the canines have access to any time of the day. Yet that’s not the only feature setting it apart from other dog daycares. Here are a few of the unique benefits of Soulmutts:

1. They boast a private 1/2 acre plot of forest land for off leash outings where it is ONLY their dogs, who have all been screened for aggression, vaccinations and overall temperament.

2. They drive the same, one-of-a-kind vehicles the Toronto Humane Society use. These vans have reinforced walls for safety while on the road, insulation for full temperature control, commercial HVAC units, separate secure riding areas for small, medium and large dogs as well as the most advanced security systems on the market today complete with Drone GPS Tracking, Engine Immobilizers, Mobile Engine and Temperature Control and of course very, very loud alarms.


3. They have a Dog Ranch up north for weekend getaways during the summer and fall. In addition to lots of forest ground to cover, there’s also full lake access for dogs who like to get wet.

4. They just overhauled their booking system to make it more intuitive and efficient for clients to use.

5. Last, but not least, they are opening a new daycare location that provides 4000 sqft indoor play area and, more importantly, 6000 sqft outdoor. It will boast even more exciting features to give the dogs the best stay they could possibly imagine, so stay tuned for those details!


The reason Soulmutts is not only incredibly practical but also full of so much, well…soul…is because of the love and care put into it by owner Ally Fodero. She started rescuing dogs during her university career. Yet it wasn’t until she rescued her dog, Calypso, from Central America, later reuniting her with her actual brother, that Ally realized this was her true calling. It’s clear she understands not only what her clients want, but also what the dogs need.


When it came to Curry, the social element of Soulmutts was perfect for her. I have a particularly social puppy who loves the stimulation of constant attention. Curry made new friends instantly and took to the daily routine like a champ. I might have been a little sad she didn’t seem to miss me at all (hahaha), but that’s a testament not only to her temperament but also how amazing Soulmutts really is. Not to mention the stress that was immediately alleviated on my part when I was introduced to them in the nick of time.

As I mentioned earlier, my job is sporadic and I needed to find a dog sitter mere days before jumping on a plane. If it wasn’t for Soulmutts, I may have had to turn down the opportunity. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. And more than that, Curry was able to have her own fun staycation. She’s been peacefully recovering ever since!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset