One thing everyone needs to know about me is that I adore my sleep. It’s one of the most important relationships in my life. I’ve spent years nurturing it and while there are so many different factors that play into a perfect slumber, a proper bed tops the list for me. I might not a pea-crazy princess, but as an extrememly light sleeper, physical comfort is key.

So when I first heard about the bed-in-a-box phenomenon, I was skeptical. It felt too gimmicky to be good, let alone great. Yet when I got the opportunity to test-sleep Casper, I jumped on the opportunity. Not only was I moving into a new bed-less apartment at the time, I was also extremely intrigued by the whole process. That was nearly two years ago. Although I stand by my original positive review of this mattress, I’ve come to realize a few glaring issues. Especially since recently switching to Endy, the Canadian competitor that has stolen my heart.

…one size doesn’t fit all.

First of all, one size doesn’t fit all. That statement doesn’t just address the title of my Casper article, it also refers to Endy. Everyone is a unique sleeper with their own habits and needs. What I realized over the last year and a bit is that Casper wasn’t the mattress for me. Towards the end of my time using it, I was experiencing a lot of back pain and uneasy sleeps for reasons I believed were everything but the mattress itself.

Then Endy came into my life and I realized it most definitely was the main reason — if not the sole. I’ve sectioned my comparison into four different categories, all of which pertain specifically to my personal checklist when it comes to mattress shopping. Of course, there are more thorough reviews out there that you can read, yet I think this covers the basics.

via Mattress Review

via Mattress Review


The first thing I’m pretty sure we all notice when testing a mattress is the support. For me, firmer is better. So what I noticed right away about both Casper and Endy is how soft they were compared to my more traditional spring mattress. Yet both of their construction provided enough support so I didn’t write them off immediately.

My initial few months sleeping on a Casper was a dream. But it slowly turned into a nightmare and I couldn’t understand why until I was informed that its four foam levels were susceptible to summer heat. I’m not one to use my air conditioning to the max, so the heat of the summer affected the firmness by making it softer.

…Endy delivers better…

Endy, on the other hand, has three different foam layers, the most notable being the top gel layer, that takes this into account. It maintains the same firmness throughout the year in all climates. Considering it’s a Canadian brand that has to battle both frigid winters and humid summers, that is only natural.


I’m basically a heat pack when I sleep, but I also love snuggling under the blanket. So I need a surface that stays cool all night long — or else. Although Casper is touted for preventing heat retention, I feel that Endy delivers better on this point with its gel infusion designed to dissipate heat. Granted, I’m currently testing it out in the midst of a brutal winter. I might have to revise this point in the summer. Yet even in the winter, I was uncomfortably hot on my Casper mattress.



I’m finally having a solid night’s sleep again. The mattress combined with Endy’s customizable pillows (such a simple yet impactful concept) and well-designed sheets (never forget which corner goes where again!) has created my own personal cloud nine. Although I could use a mattress that’s slightly firmer, my comfort isn’t compromised by this desire in the least — a true testament to the carefully constructed “one size fits all”.

It will be interesting to see how my relationship continues with this mattress, yet I’ve now slept on it for a solid two months without any complaints.


Last but not least, what makes this a winner is the fact that it’s priced so damn competitively. Cheaper than the Casper with free shipping, a 10 year warranty and a 100 night’s trial period, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention (again), that it’s a Canadian brand made IN CANADA. Although I read some reviews saying the bed-in-a-box is basically a glorified futon made for college graduates because of this price, I whole-heartedly disagree.

I’ve found my match.

Endy has produced a top-of-the-line mattress that lives online, thus cutting out a lot of the inflation from more traditional storefront companies. Yet if you’re in Toronto, you can book an appointment at its showroom to test it out in person — eliminating any doubts right away.


To sum up, FOR ME, the Endy takes top prize. But I once again have to stress that every person has different sleeping needs. For others, Casper might be the way to go while some might want a traditional mattress. In the end, mattress shopping kind of a like speed-dating. But thankfully I’ve found my match.