This post has been sponsored by Save on Energy. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Energy is what gets us through the day (and for some, the night), and it affects us in more ways than we could ever have anticipated. The winter can be especially hard on people with its shorter days and lower temperatures. Hibernation isn’t just reserved for the likes of bears and squirrels.

Someone famous once said we should focus on small gains for big returns, and where energy is concerned, I think that’s the perfect statement. You never know when the energy suck will sneak up on you, but a few small changes can help prevent it. By making constructive decisions in our daily lives, we can ensure our energy (physical, emotional, and technical) is spent wisely, and that overall, we’re taking steps to ensure our bodies and our homes are conserving it.

Here are my top five ways to keep your energy up for whatever life might throw at you:


1, Unplug your phone and laptop chargers when not in use to reduce ‘phantom energy’. Did you know that some devices are designed to continue to consume power even when you think they are switched off? Even in the case of chargers that have no devices attached to them? Might as well tidy up these unused cords AND save yourself from phantom energy leaks (aka vampire power, ghost load and, the more technical term, standby power).

2. Nix screen-induced decision fatigue by giving yourself a 10-minute timeframe to find something to stream. If it takes longer than that, click what you’ve landed on, or read instead. Not only is this good to save on energy, it’s good for your mind and your health!

3. Teach yourself how to say no so you can save energy for things you want to say yes to. Sounds simple enough, but we’re a generation plagued by FOMO. It goes hand-in-hand with spreading yourself too thin, which means we’re rarely giving 100% to any one task. That might work for some, but I’d argue everyone eventually burns out. Learning to say no is a habit we all should practice.


4. Kick artificial sugars to the curb and replace them with healthy, energy-boosting food. I’m hoping that most of you know by now that while sugar may provide a brief increase in energy, the crash soon after is often harsher than what you were feeling before. By making conscious choices to reach for better-for-you foods, you can save yourself from that fate.

5. Using heat to dry your hair isn’t always necessary and can remove your hair’s natural
moisture. Try setting aside your hairdryer and let your locks airdry. Embrace their natural wave and invest in a good sea salt spray. Or, consider skipping the wash for a day or two and opt for some great dry shampoo. Not only will you be saving energy, you’ll be saving your hair too!



At first glance, these five tips seem simple enough — and they truly are. But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Yes, the ideas are there, but can you actually execute them. I suggest tackling them one at a time until they become second nature. And if you already have these habits, or most of them, make sure to visit SaveOnEnergy.ca for more.